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The Music Planner for Your Wedding

I specialize in creating a tailor-made music experience for each couple, ensuring that your entire day is accompanied by a unique soundtrack that reflects your individuality. Together, we will craft a personalized musical journey that will leave you with wonderful memories.

Create Your Own Personalized Soundtrack

Music is an essential element that brings people together, creates lasting memories. It can also make the difference between a good wedding and an unforgettable one.

Over the years, I have noticed that weddings often have the same repetitive music playing and predefined moments, while couples desire something more, something different, something truly unique.

That’s why I specialize in creating a custom musical experience for each couple, taking into account three essential aspects:

Complete personalization based on your taste, the type of ceremony, and the chosen venue.

– Ensuring everyone, young and old, has fun and feels involved.

Creating the perfect atmosphere for every moment before and after the ceremony.

How We Will
Work Together

Through personal meetings or video calls, we will discuss your preferences, your wedding, and your vision. Together, we will develop the best musical journey for your special day. You will have the opportunity to review and make changes to the plan up to a week before the event.

On the day of your wedding, you won’t have to worry about anything except enjoying yourself and entertaining your guests. I will take care of all the organization, following you discreetly but attentively, ensuring that the music takes center stage.

With a well-structured DJ set and the expertise of the finest clubs, I will follow the planned musical journey, seamlessly mixing each chosen track to provide you with a smooth and uninterrupted sound experience.

My Musical Equipment

I am equipped with professional audio gear and have two complete music stations at my disposal:

– High-quality sound system for you and your guests.

– Console and mixer for seamless transitions.

– DJ station with a dedicated stand.

– Timed lighting options, including colored lights, strobes, and UV effects.

I'll assist you with the copyrights

According to current regulations, it is mandatory to declare to the authorities the songs performed during the day in order to pay the copyright fees.

To do so, it is necessary to accompany the declaration with the signature of a professional registered in the professional association to validate the document.

With me, you will have a specialist who can assist you in completing the necessary documents and provide their official signature, streamlining the process and ensuring a smooth wedding without any hiccups.


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